Indianapolis Remodeled Family Room Carpet Re-Stretch

Got a call from a very nice lady who just remodeled a family room and needed the carpet re-stretched.  Glad I went during the day, the carpet was black and would have been a challenge in the dark.  I forgot to take ‘after’ pictures but I was able to completely get the wrinkles and bumps out and the carpet snapped into place in the middle like it’s supposed to.

Here’s the ‘before’:

Sure wish I would have taken the after…it looked like NEW Carpet and will last a LONG TIME!!

We stretch carpet from wall to wall with a Power Stretcher to make sure the entire carpet is nice and tight.  Unfortunately when carpet is first installed, many installers don’t have a Power Stretcher so they just kick in the edges.  We can come out, stretch it tight and it will last for many more years.

Give us a call today to set up your ‘stretch’.

Indianapolis Carpet Re-Stretch