Homeowner Self Carpet Stretching Fail, Save by Indianapolis Carpet Repair

This homeowner tried very hard to ‘stretch’ their hallway carpet by using a ‘kicker’ (a tool commonly used to butt carpet up against the wall, but very ineffective in complete stretching).

The kicker won't do the proper job of stretching!

After much frustration they made a call to Indianapolis Carpet Repair who told them we could come out and professionally stretch the carpet from wall to wall if even only in the hallway.

Note:  this customer decided against stretching the bedrooms so we only stretched the hallway!

It's important to stretch all attached rooms for a clean, smooth look!

When you call us to have your rooms stretched, don’t forget that ALL furniture has to be removed for a proper stretching.  We can certainly do one room but would prefer to do the whole floor for a clean look.

Indianapolis Hall Carpet Restretch