We got a call from a customer who had a challenge with their “carpet to vinyl” going from the family room into the kitchen.  Oftentimes these problems are ‘covered up’ by pushing the carpet into the crack and hoping that no one rips it up by stepping on it too much.  The problem is these places are generally “high traffic” areas and without the proper stretching and placement the problem will continue to present itself over and over:

No definite stopping point to keep it from pulling up!

Joe from Indianapolis Carpet Repair went in and stretched the carpet to the seam and put a metal barrier between the vinyl and the carpet and secured it tightly so, even with heavy traffic, it wouldn’t come up and be a nice transition between the kitchen and the family room:

Nice and clean and straight!

Even if you need something as simple as a transition area fixed, we can take care of that.  Check us out at indianapoliscarpetrepair.com