About once a week we get a call from a client who has spilled some chemicals on their carpet.  99% of the time these are accidents (1% of the time they try to use chemicals to clean the carpet).  It’s usually bleach next to a laundry room or a kitchen or something that’s dragged in from the floor of the garage or porch.  Sometimes it’s grease that gets spilled coming from the kitchen to the back door!  This is the result (not easy to see in pics):

Joe went out and reassured our client that this kind of stuff happens all the time and then squared off the section, cut it out (with the right tools) and replaced it with a new piece out of the closet!  Now look at it:

When you have the right tools you can fix these type problems fast.  Joe, our Certified Tech is the man for the job and can be there within 48 hours to fix you up.  Happy Spilling!