Our client called saying that he tried to clean a stain out of his carpet using ‘toilet bowl cleaner’.  The problem is two-fold: first of all toilet bowl cleaner is super corrosive and will literally eat it’s way through whatever you put it on (that’s why you use it on porcelain, won’t eat through).  Secondly toilet bowl cleaner is used for toilet bowls, NOT carpets!  Just because something says “cleaner” doesn’t mean it’s good for the object to clean.  Here’s the results:

Joe went out and checked it out and saw right away that it had to be cut out and replaced.  So he went to work and in 45 minutes the job was done:

Please don’t try to clean your carpets with the ‘unknown’, instead call Indianapolis Carpet Repair to come to your rescue.  Your money will NOT go “down the drain!” hahahahaha.