We got a call from a client in Monrovia, IN who needed Joe to come out and inspect the waves in their carpet.  We go the extra mile and  doing a Carpet Restretch in Monrovia, IN is no big task for Indianapolis Carpet Repair.  See what it looked like before it was expertly stretched:

It’s easy to put up with the ripples and the waves in your carpet (until you start tripping over them or until you try to vacuum and it gets harder each time).  Joe went out with our Power Stretcher and stretched the hallway and two rooms wall to wall and corner to corner until the carpet was so tight you could practically bounce a quarter off the middle:

Try this test: go to the middle of your carpet and grab it and pull up on it.  Now let it go and if it falls down softly like a parachute you have LOOSE CARPET that will eventually get worse through wear and tear.  Indianapolis Carpet Repair Goes The Extra Mile and will come out and power stretch that baby until it snaps tight in the middle.  We even go as far as Monrovia, IN! Thanks to Diamond Shine Janitorial Services for the referral!