Everyone loves their dogs.  Everyone believes their dogs can do no harm.  But not every dog is as innocent as we sometimes think they are.  This client called us after moving into their new home that had been left by the last tenant (in good shape) except for the incredible damage done by their dog trying to dig a hole to China!

Which is easier…to get rid of your Dog or to call Indianapolis Carpet Repair to come out and simply fix the holes and make your carpet like new?  Indianapolis Carpet Repair LOVES Dogs but we love to fix holes more!  So Joe went out and brought his trusty tools and got down to it and helped the new tenant feel great about the new place and NEW-LIKE carpet in their new home:

Even when there is Pet Damage in Fishers, IN Carpet, Indianapolis Carpet Repair will come out and take care of it and both YOU and your dogs will be very happy!  Call us today www.indianapoliscarpetrepair.com