Our client had some incredibly loose carpet which rippled right in the middle of the floor and caused people to stumble and furniture to not be able to move around well:

When the carpet gets this loose, we ask the client to remove all the furniture so we can POWER STRETCH the carpet from wall to wall.  In doing this there is always a bunch of excess carpet along the wall that needs to be cut away:

In cutting it away we are then able to restretch the carpet from wall to wall with a Power stretcher, and the final result is an entire room of carpet that is stretched tight and has a newer appearance and is much easier to clean:

If your carpet is loose or it’s been improperly installed, Indianapolis Carpet Repair can come out and reinstall it for an excellent price and it will last for many many more years!

Carpet Was So Loose That 3 Inches Were Cut Out – Indianapolis Carpet Repair Uses the RIGHT Tools!