We get calls every week from folks that are tired of looking and stumbling over their wavy carpets.  Because initial installation is often done incorrectly, people end up with carpets that look like this:

image image_1 image_2 image_3

Not only is it typically loose and bumpy and wavey, but BECAUSE it’s loose it’s getting more wear and tear…this DIRTY!  Almost every one of our customers, when we are finished stretching asks “Do you clean carpet?”…and the answer is YES we do and YES we can!  See what happens after Joe stretches and then cleans this same carpet:

image_4 image_6 image_7


AMAZING… Joe is truly the craftsman.  This looks like a new carpet, stretched to where you can bounce a quarter on it and clean all the way down to the root of the fibers!  Call us today @ Indianapolis Carpet Repair = 317-207-0212