When the customer put in the tile there was a need for the carpet to be ‘retransitioned’ next to it so they both would look new and it would be easy to walk on.  Sometimes the temptation is to just lay down the carpet and hope that it matches up and hammer it down.  The odds were against them… first of all the floor beneath was concrete, second it was BERBER (real hard to stretch and put back) and thirdly anytime carpet is pulled up it becomes loose and needs to be stretched back into place:

Joe from Indianapolis Carpet Repair went out and wrangled this mangle and took his time (over 4 hours) making sure that it was going to look pretty and smooth and straight and like new, not just the tile but the carpet.  Look at the results:

Indianapolis Carpet repair again to the rescue…no job too big or too small for the experts in Carpet Repair.