Delamination is probably the most serious problem that can occur with the  backing of a carpet. Delamination is the separation of the carpets secondary backing from its primary back. If the primary and secondary backing are not securely attached they can separate. Once a carpet has delaminated you now have two separate elements consisting of the carpet that has been tufted through the primary back and a loose secondary back. The result will be a wrinkled carpet that cannot be restretched. The most common cause of backing delamination is improper formulation or application of the latex adhesive that is used as the bonding agent for the carpets back. Adhesives have builders or fillers in them. If the mixture has been improperly blended or the ratios of the ingredients are out of whack poor adhesion or breakdown can occur. Once the bond fails the primary and secondary back will fail. If you have a problem like the one pictured below, give us a call and we’ll come out right away to fix the issue.