Thank you for choosing Indianapolis Carpet Repair for your carpet repair needs. We are proud to announce a new service we are offering to our new and prior customers for 2014… Carpet Cleaning!! For all previous customers we are giving a 15% discount for your entire home. Reply to this email or call 3172070212 with the square footage of the areas you want cleaned and we can get you on the schedule. Thank you again for your loyalty and we hope to hear from you soon.

Additional Carpet Cleaning Information:
We are offering what is called Encapsulation Cleaning or VLM Carpet Cleaning (Very Low Moisture).  We utilize this method with a Counter Rotating Brush known as the Brush Pro 20″.



This is a machine that spins its brushes at 390 rpm. Two different brushes spinning in opposite directions allows the fibers to be scrubbed from all sides and from the bottom of the fiber to the top. We then work an encapsulation detergent into the fibers. This detergent crystalizes all soil and material and seperates it from the fibers to be vacuumed up during the next routine vacuum.


This meathod is great for your carpet for many reasons: you do not risk oversoaking or delamination, you ensure the removal of all unwanted soil from the fibers, your carpet is dry in less than an hour, and many more benefits to be discussed later. Feel free to call with any questions concerning our cleaning methods as well.

Thank you for your time, enjoy the Holidays and have a wonderful day!

Joe VanHoogstraat
Owner, Indianapolis Carpet Repair LLC