Ah, the joy of the new puppy as it frolics around the house sniffing and finding all the great spots to hang out and play.  Then the new puppy heads down to the basement and thinks, MAYBE, this is his new backyard and ‘oh what soft carpeting/ground it is’…. he begins to dig and dig and dig…

Between the carpet and the concrete

Between the carpet and the concrete

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Indianapolis Carpet repair LOVES dogs and we LOVE brand new carpet, but we also know they are not always a good match.  So we came out to the house and cut away all the chew spots and the transition between the carpet and the concrete and (with the help of leftover carpet from the build) were able to go in, patch it up, seal it up and make it like new again!

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Call us today to come out this week and take care of that dug up carpet!  317-207-0212.  (and thank your Puppy for us!)